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Image of a 1000mg CBD oil bootle label from South Central Hemp Coop.

100% USDA Organic 1000mg and 2000mg Full spectrum CBD OIL

Interested in becoming a retail partner of the co-op? Check all the boxes with South Central Hemp:

  • Local - Southern Wisconsin, USA grown, processed, tested, designed, distributed, and printed
  • 100% Certified Organic - If it’s not USDA Certified Organic, it’s not organic.
  • Simple ingredients list: Organic MCT Coconut Oil, Organic Hemp Extract
  • 50% Women-owned cooperative business
  • High quality + reasonably priced - fair pay to farmers and all supply chain partners, including our retail partners
  • Test results to prove CBD content, THC compliance, and overall safety of product
  • Full and industry specific product liability coverage, extended to every retail partner
  • No Wisconsin state sales tax or special permits required to sell (beyond State-specific retail permitting)
  • UPC Barcode assigned for each product
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Image of CBD bottle and dropper with a label that says,

Private Label – USDA Certified Organic

Our “Private Labeling” service is available for the customer that desires their own branded line of Certified Organic CBD products. Have an idea? We can help!

South Central Hemp will support the customer in coordination of product formulation, testing, sampling, bottling, and labeling; including graphic design, printing, and label application, and will navigate the customer through all regulations and reviews for USDA Certification.

South Central Hemp will also use an industry-specific Graphic Design Artist to create the customer’s label according to USDA Organic specifications.

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